St. Joseph Legacy

In addition to its well-known architecturally significant design and structure, St. Joseph is also known for its devotion to sacred music and to community outreach. In 1873, at the Church’s consecration, the St. Cecilia Society which was devoted to preservation of sacred music, was influential in establishing St. Joseph as a center for sacred music. In 1895, the Society performed a then nationally acclaimed gala at St. Joseph to further the awareness of sacred music. In 1914, the St. Joseph Ephpheta Society established the first ministry for the Deaf Community in Detroit. In 1867,
St. Joseph Elementary School was formed and later the St. Joseph Commercial College and High School.

St. Joseph Oratory (from October 16, 2016) 

Since its inaugural Mass, St. Joseph Oratory has built strong relationships with the local community and continued the legacy of sacred music and community outreach. These relationships include the Eastern Market District, The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and the Detroit Historical Society.  In the past year, numerous church tours have been organized for schools, historical societies and even families.  The initial influence of the St. Cecilia Society continues today with the St. Joseph Cappella, music programs and concerts. The Parish has expanded its traditional “St. Joseph Day” to include greater meal service to the community. The parish also works with the St. Vincent de Paul Society for the operation of the Food Pantry now serving over one hundred individuals.